“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”Lao Tzu

Every journey begins with an idea, a small spark of imagination, a moment of creativity or, in this case, a single step; a step into the unknown.

Why start this blog you may say?

The idea for “A Journey of Steps” was born out of one of life’s curveballs, where the “full catastrophe” of life, (I do love Jon Kabat Zinn’s work), made me step back (well, more like forced me to step back), gain a few stories and learn a few lessons along the way. Out of complication came a need for simplicity and thus I delved into the more simple aspects of life. It’s a journey that’s still ongoing, but, c’est la vie.

Life can be treated as an experiment; researching, adding, subtracting, looking at things from another angle or viewpoint and, ultimately, finding what works best for you. I hope to use this space to provide some micro experiments and thereby, allow myself and other’s to be authors of our own experience, as often a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work for everyone.

To put things into perspective, there are over 7 billion people in the world with their own unique stories and circumstances (mind blowing – right!). Opening up to the curiosity of the human spirit and engaging in a playful mindset, can help us to explore and discover different aspects of ourselves. This in turn, can help us to relate to other human beings’ experiences. What I might find insightful may or may not resonate with you and that’s okay. Perhaps though, for a few others who are on a similar journey, it may strike a chord.

How things will evolve?

Simple answer; one thing I have learnt over the past few years, I don’t have a clue. We cannot predict the future and that in itself is one of life’s many lessons.

So who am I?

In a nutshell, my name is Sharon. Hi! I am in my late twenties (yikes) and I come from the Emerald Isle of Ireland (oh it’s sooooo green, yeah cause it rains a lot!!). In the broader sense, I am a daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend, a simplifier, scientist, lover of learning new things and embracing different cultures, mountain looker upper (hoping to change that in the future), outdoor lover, foodie, book reader, wannabe yogi, mindfulness practitioner, music lover, adventure seeker, now a blog starter & much, much more.

So have a wander, put your feet up, have a cup of tea (or whatever you fancy), say hello and see how this journey unfolds. It’s taking that first single step that matters most and, from there, experimenting with what life has to offer.